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Hindsight Examples

Hindsight Examples

Hindsight has been tested on virtually every make of European sports car with outstanding results. Shown below are examples of a Mercedes SL and BMW Z3 before and after applying Hindsight.

One side of the window has been cleaned with Hindsight and the difference is clearly visible. Not only is the window much clearer but Hindsight also removes the line or bar which can appear across the middle of the screen.

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Advantages of Hindsight are that it:

  1. Eliminates rear vision problems resulting in safer driving.
  2. Increases the value and improves the cosmetic appearance.
  3. Is less expensive than a new hood or rear screen - it is always preferable to keep the original screen.
  4. Protects from repeated flexing and the elements - frost, wind, etc.
  5. Lubricates the screen keeping it supple - reducing the risk of splitting.
  6. Provides a lasting finish.
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