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Hindsight Plastic Polish Comments
Hindsight was a winner of the John Logie Baird awards for innovation.

Hindsight Comments

Comments which have been received about hindsight are:

'By far the best screen cleaning product I've tried', was editor Elliott's enthusiastic verdict after testing 'Hindsight' on his Elan's aged plastic. Classic & Sports Car magazine

'I have today used some of your product Hindsight on my 1997 Mercedes SL rear window, the results are truly amazing, thank you for an excellent product'

'Received Hindsight on Friday and used today with stunning results! One very happy r129 owner. Many thanks.'

'I received my order for your product today. The weather being fair I got the car out and set to work. Being of a cynical nature I was amazed to discover three facts; one my rear screen has a green tint; two I can see through it and three your product does what it says on the tin!'
Mr I.H. Porsche Boxster owner.

'Just a line to say firstly how prompt and efficient your service is; despite having already gone to the post on my day of ordering, you still managed to post it that day for me. Secondly, having used the product on quite a milky, scratched screen; it now looks like new. It's so rare to find a product that actually does what the advert says. Once again a big thank you. '
Mr M.W. Mazda MX5 owner.

'Not only did the kit arrive the next day but it works as claimed. The difference is quite remarkable with all traces of milkiness gone.'
Mr.R.N. - Mercedes owner.

'Just a line to tell you I'm delighted with the results on my 98 peugeot cab, was scepticle at first but the results were amazing,the screen was that bad I used to avoid on street parking if room was tight,couldnt see anything with any clarity behind you,and on an evening you'd no idea what the car was following you,dee-daa's etc !! now its ace,and Ive been told it will improve with future use,brilliant product and once again thank's, much cheaper than a new window !!!  
Mr.I.S. - Peugeot Cabriolet Owner

'I followed the directions to the letter and-the results have been absolutely amazing-total clarity.'
Mr.D.Stewart - Porsche Boxster owner.

'Unlike other products that give bold statements to the effect of the product only to be disappointed by the results, I have to say Hindsight lives up to all its claims.'
Ms.J.Hudson - Lotus Elan owner.

'I applied the cleaner at the weekend and had to write to thank you for such a brilliant product.The application took only a few minutes and the result was almost unbelievable.Ten years of grime just disappeared and the window had virtually the same clarity as when brand new.'
Mr.N.P. - Peugeot 205 owner.

'I have to admit I was sceptical about ordering what appeared to be a miracle cure for plastic rear windows; but, as the local BMW dealership in High Wycombe had quoted me a cost of several hundred pounds to replace the rear screen on my E36 M3 Evo Convertible I was prepared to grasp at a few straws!  The Hindsight product was delivered within 48 hours of my placing the order on the Internet, and was a simple package of 2 bottles of chemicals supported by some short, unequivocal instructions and the expected protective gloves et al.  But, on opening I still remained sceptical! Then I tried the product.  The solutions were simple to apply and to my absolute amazement produced a result within 15 minutes that left me with a 'brand new rear screen'!  Not only has Hindsight saved me a great deal of money; but it has proved to be a true exception to the rule - a product out of the blue that any potential customer can order with total confidence in his/her investment.'
Mr.S.Hindmarsh - BMW M3 owner.

I would like to say how delighted and completely satisfied that I am with the results of using Hindsight on the rear windscreen of my 6 year old Mercedes SL320. I had been resigned to the possibility of having to replace the rear screen at huge expense but can honestly say that it has come up almost as good as new and has removed the annoying "bar" effect that this type of hood gets over time.'
Mr.G.Carnie - Mercedes owner.

Having taken delivery of and used your product, I was quite gob-smacked with the end result. We have pretty harsh sunlight down here on the tip of Africa and my 4 year old Audi Cabriolet was suffering accordingly - rear window was very milky with the usual horizontal scratch across the centre - half an hour of elbow grease later and viola! - crystal clear window and a satisfied customer - many thanks for a great product.
Kevin Moore - Audi Cabriolet Owner, South Africa.

Hindsight Reviews

Mecedes Benz Club Gazette
'Hindsight miraculously removes scratches and opacity,and is environmentally friendly'

Total BMW
'Hindsight offers useful long term benefits.If you are restoring an older car then it would be worth spending the extra cash to bring back some flexibility and lengthen its life.'

Porsche World
Benefit of Hindsight on a 911 - 'After about 30 minutes work the entire window came up with a superb finish.'

'Scottish Firm invents Screensaver'